Thursday, June 21, 2012

Colour cells in a table in Google Sites

I found this trick out by accident today 'How to colour a cell in a table in Google Sites and Spreadsheet.' It will not work in Google Docs.
  • Click in one cell and drag to the right to highlight all the cells you want to colour 

  • Click on the Text Background Colour button
  • Select a colour

  • The cells will now be coloured 

Colouring Cells in Google Docs
If you want to colour cells in Google Docs, right click on the cell and choose Table Properties 

Click on Cell Background colour and choose a colour
Click OK
You can click and drag a number of cells at one time


  1. Thanks, works in Firefox but not in Chrome.

  2. Hey thanks a lot. This was very helpful. Simple but effective lol.

  3. This does not work

    1. You are right, Google must have removed that functionality. Hopefully the new Google Sites will have that ability added to it when it allows tables.